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Marley Coffee (JAMN)

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The major JAMN growth opportunity is in applying the billion dollar Marley coffee brand to K-Cups for Keurig coffee machines.

  • Green Mountain (GMCR) –$6.7 billion market capitalization — created a recurring market opportunity for Marley by selling tens of thousands of Keurig Single Serve coffee makers which require K-Cups .
  • GMCR’s patent on K-Cups expired in October 2011, opening the door to competition, such as Marley brand single service using RealCup® packaging.
  • Marley’s RealCups® capsules are 100% compatible with the K-Cup brewing system.


Stock symbol: JAMN……………….…………Common shares: 9/30/12: 77.66mm
Stock price 3/20/13: $.32.…..………..……..….…………….…………..Float 55.12
52-week price range: $ .08 – $.58…….  .…..Equity market capitalization: $24mm


  • Marley’s name is huge.  Over 42 Million Fans on Facebook.  One of the Top 10 on the all of Facebook.  The Marley coffee brand is well established and is expanding in the distribution channels.
  • The Marley brand is recognized worldwide and has been estimated to be worth $1 billion a year, including all Marley items: music, merchandising, audio headphones, coffee, etc


  • The primary JAMN growth opportunity is in applying the Marley brand to K-Cups for Keurig coffee machines.  Marley’s RealCups® capsules are 100% compatible with the K-Cup brewing system.
  • Green Mountain (GMCR) created a distribution opportunity for Marley by selling thousands of Keurig Single Serve coffee makers which require K-Cups .  GMCR’s patent on K-Cups expired in October, 2011, opening the door to competition, such as Marley brand single service K-Cups, which use RealCup packaging.


  • JAMN has spent the last year and a half laying the foundation to be a major player and capture market share in all of its key markets.
  • JAMN did this by creating relationships with distribution points and partnering with suppliers to ensure that its operations could handle the growth.
  • A sister company — Marley Beverage — is one of the fastest growing beverage companies in America with 60K points of distribution.
  • JAMN’s Marley Coffee now carries a huge product line which allows the company to provide coffee wherever there’s a coffee distribution point. It’s biggest launch is in its Single Serve Real Cups, which are compatible with Keurig’s single serve system.  This is the fastest growing sector in coffee and also represents the fastest growing sector for company.

“RealCup™ Single Service Coffee Capsule Reaches 25 Million Mark”

  • RealCup™ is K-Cup® brewer compatible, but is not affiliated with K-Cup® or Keurig Inc.
  • “RealCup is changing the single-serve capsule market by offering alternatives that deliver great taste in the cup for consumers and foodservice operators,” said Jeffrey Zietlow, Director of marketing for RealCup™

Launched in August 2012, RealCup™ capsules are available to consumers in a variety of coffee and tea blends on online, select retail outlets and to office coffee service and foodservice providers across North America.

Marley Coffee Is Compatible with Keurig Brewers’ K-Cups


  • $1 million equity transaction March 8
  • Marley Coffee has new distribution in Office Depot.  Their first order alone was over $500,000.  Marley Coffee will be in all 1,100 North American stores  March 4
  • Marley Coffee Now Being Distributed at Kowalski’s Markets and Bristol Farms, Feb 14
  • Marley Coffee and AVT Bet Big on the Future of Automated Cafes, Feb 6
  • Marley Coffee Announces Its Has Shipped Over 500,000 Real Cups Within First Month, Dec 11

JAMN expects to obtain further distribution for the Marley brand of K-Cups through large office supply companies and through large grocery chains.

Jammin Java, doing business as Marley Coffee, is a United States-based company that provides sustainably grown, ethically- farmed and artisan roasted gourmet coffee through multiple United States and international distribution channels.

JAMN provides premium, artisan roasted coffee to the grocery, retail, online, service, hospitality, office coffee service and big box store industry.

JAMN intends to develop a significant share of these markets and achieve a leadership position by capitalizing on the global recognition of the Marley brand name.


Primary competition includes Kraft, Folgers, and Green Mountain.

Brent Toevs, CEO
Brent Toevs has served in executive positions throughout his career at some of the Industry’s top coffee companies.  Prior to founding National Coffee Services & Vending, Toevs was the Vice President of Sales for US Fresh Coffee and Vending and was responsible for developing their Office Coffee Service business, which ultimately generated revenues of approximately $50 million a year.

Toevs also served as President of Take A Break/ Arbuckle Coffee Company, where he started as a sales associate.  At Take A Break, Toevs helped the company sign on as one of the original Keurig Authorized Distributors, and rolled out the Keurig single serve system at US Refresh.

His focus on Single Serve formats continued at NCS&V, signing a deal to bring Timothy’s KCups to the United States market. NCS&V has also been a pioneer of single serve pods and equipment, which is a fast growing segment in the coffee industry.

Rohan Marley, Chairman
Rohan Marley is the co-founder of the privately owned Marley Coffee Company and son of legendary musician and visionary Bob Marley. Rohan was born in Jamaica in 1972 and moved to the United States as a young child going on to study sociology at the University of Miami and starring as a linebacker for the U of M Hurricanes.

He would later go on to play professionally for the Canadian Football League’s Ottawa Rough Riders, but throughout his football career, Rohan knew deep in his heart that he would one day return to his family roots like his father, whose dream was to eventually become a farmer.

Web Site
Address: 8200 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Telephone: 323-556-0746
CEO: Brent Toevs.  Founder & Chairman: Rohan Marley
State of Incorporation: Nevada
Transfer Agent: Empire Stock Transfer, Henderson, Nevada


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