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And yes, you CAN make money in the IPO after market.  Four fairly recent examples…

+43% A favorite IPO from 2011 is Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (CHKR) which IPO’d November 10, 2011 at $19 traded down a little and today is $27.27, up 43%.  And at $19 CHKR was projected to pay a yield in 2012 of 13%
CHKR  quote  IPOreport

+80% We always liked CVR Partners (UAN), because of it yield and its business.  UAN IPO’d April 7, 2011 at $16, and now trades up 80% at $28.87.  You could have bought it in the IPO after market for $16.75  At the pre-IPO price range mid-point of $13, UAN was expected to yield 14.8%.
UAN  quote  IPOreport

One of our highest scored stocks of 2011 was InvenSense (INVN)

INVN priced at $7.50 November 15 and is now up 144% to $18.30 in about three months.
You could have bought it in the IPO after market for $8.25 and received an 118% gain in three months.  quote  IPOreport

We always liked Michael Kors (KORS)  quote  IPOreport
KORS IPO’d at $20 and is up 109% at $41.99.  There was stock around, because the KORS’ IPO was for $944 million.   Traded in the $24 to $25 range the first day, and is up 71% in the IPO after-market.  We recommended a buy on the IPO at $20 and also the first day of trading, via email.

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