IPOs, Initial Public Offerings: pre & post IPO

TV Appearances

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TWTR Media Appearances

Current Bloomberg TV links                                            Current  CNBC links

Splunk, Allison, China Auto  April 27                                 Best Performing IPOs  April 20

Oaktree & Carlyle  April 12                                                Annie's & HAIN  April 3

FACEBOOK                                                                            YELP

2/16/12  CNBC  Squawk Box                                                    3/1/12 BloombergTV

2/3/12                                                                                       3/2/12 BloombergTV
Facebook’s $100 Billion Valuation Is Too High

2/3/12                                                                                       3/6/12 WebProNews
Bloomberg TV:
Gaskins, Loughran, Lilly on Facebook IPO

CNBC:  Facebook IPO, Worth It For Shareholder?
(3:30 am for Gaskins)

2/1/12  CNBC: Facebook Advertising Revenue Limited

Al Jazeera English   Facebook Going Public
Gaskins at beginning & end

Yahoo Finance
Facebook’s IPO: What to Know Before You Buy

Secrets of Dividend Paying IPOs

BNN (Business News Network, Canada)
Facebook to file IPO documents soon

CNBC: Gaskins comes on around 8:54 for about 2 minutes

CNBC:  Facebook filing.  Gaskins is mentioned at the beginning of this CNBC clip and also around 3:30

Facebook's Rumored IPO: Too Late?





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